As a native Las Vegan and a graduate of Eldorado High School (class of ’92), I have a solid understanding of the problems and issues facing CCSD and the students, families, teachers, administrators and support staff who do their best to produce positive outcomes.

But I also have a deep appreciation of the benefits and opportunities that I, my wife and my kids have been afforded as alums of the Clark County school system. I would never have had these opportunities if it were not for my parents, administrators, coaches, teachers and CCSD support staff’s unconditional love and sacrifice on my behalf.

And so, I’d love to hear your story. Did a particular teacher go the extra mile to put you or your child on a life-changing path? Did a parent, teacher, administrator or CCSD support person pay it forward back in the day and now you’re picking up the baton? Teachers, administrators and CCSD support staff, was there a situation that you were able to change in a student’s life for the better?

There’s enough negativity in the world, especially in politics. Let’s take a moment to share our stories of kindness, caring and support. Together, we can build on our strengths and correct what’s broken. We need to stay focused and always continue to put our kids first.